QKD Security Analysis Software

!!! we are updating our software to on open-source version very soon !!! (18 June 2021)

Our group has been developing numerical tools for analyzing QKD protocols. We developed a software package that allows to analyze simple finite-dimensional QKD protocols, which we make available here.

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This package is a stand-alone applications. It has been written in Matlab, but does not require Matlab to run. Download the  file and run the installer. A basic documentation is also available

Download Manual

The simulation software is based on our publication

P.J. Coles, E. M. Metodiev, N. Lütkenhaus, “Numerical Approach for Unstructured Quantum key Distribution” Nature Communications, 7,11712, (2016)

This software package is a simple interface to demonstrate our approach. It is designed to work with relatively simple scenarios. We have more advanced methods available in our group, but they are not yet in a stage where they can be turned into stand-alone solutions. If you have some situation that this software package is not suitable to handle, please feel free to talk to us so we can help to perform the security analysis of your protocol.

Special thanks to Adam Winick for writing the interface, and to Patrick Coles, Bailey Gu, Jie Lin, Adam Winick for working on the underlying software.

Research leading to this software has been sponsored by

Sandia National Laboratories
Industry Canada
Office of Naval Research