Ryo Namiki

Postdoctoral Fellow

Ryo Namiki received Ph-D from Gakushuin University in 2004 on his research of continuous-variable quantum cryptography. He Joined Imoto-Koashi group at Osaka University as a postdoc from 2004.4 to 2008.3. He moved Quantum optics group of Kyoto university as a JSPS research fellow (from 2008.4 to 2011.3) and continued his research in there until 2013.7 as a postdoc of GCOE program from 2011.4 to 2013.3 and as a time-part researcher (Industry-Goverment-Academia Collaboration) from 2013.4 to 2013.7. In  2013.8 he moved to IQC as a Postdoctoral Fellow.

Main background is Quantum optics and main interest is something termed as “fundamental quantum limit.” Research topics may include but not limited to, quantum key distribution, separability problems/entanglement verification/ quantification, Entanglement generation, quantum benchmark/estimation of quantum channels, Spin squeezing and quantum control of cold atoms, Quantum tomography of pulsed light fields/collective spin state of atomic ensemble.

Former affiliations:
Quantum Optics group @ Kyoto University

Quantum Information & Quantum Optics Lab @ Osaka University

Department of Physics, Gakushuin University,